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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Assistance With Your New Years Resolution

One of my best friends is a personal trainer. She doesn't just teach you how to lift weights effectively, she teaches you how to alter your lifestyle. I've taken her program before (with fantastic results). She just started her own business so she's looking for new clients. I've signed up, and in one week I already notice both a physical and mental difference. Not only does my body feel better post-holiday, but she's literally on the phone and up my ass (as she is for each and every one of her clients; friend or not) to set my targets and discipline me into meeting them. She's an amicable fitness Nazi.



She's hosting free trial classes until the 17th of January. Her strength training sessions are held in residential buildings in Arlington with a maximum of about 8 people in each class. I wanted to throw that out to the blog world to see how many of you want an inexpensive and effective method for sticking to your wellness resolutions.

Added bonus? She's exotically attractive.


If you want more information, e-mail me!


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