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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Controversy Thursday: Ban Soy

I've always been under the impression that homosexuality is not a choice, but a genetic composition; in much the same way a person is born athletic, or intelligent, or black. There is nothing one can do to change her sexual preference, whether or not society deems that preference deviant or acceptable.

Thank goodness this guy has so scientifically and convincingly persuaded me of the errors in my thinking...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Save DC Cookie

My blog is in a state of serious disrepair. For a multitude of reasons, this Cookie has not been able to commit as much time to the effort as I would have in the era pre-beau (despite my continuing love of verbal, narcissistic expression). However, it seems my precious 'DC Cookie' at wanderlust year-end has sputtered into something virtually un-readable. The signs have been evident to everyone but me...

Red flag number one: Roosh shakes hands with my Special and says "pleased to meet the man who represents the demise of DC Cookie's blog."

Red flag number two: DC Cookie is nominated "most likely to stop blogging in 2007."

Red flag number three: Webcowgirl, during a phone conversation over the weekend, mentions that her and her husband had caught up on my blog and she was noticing how 'schmoopie' (euphemism for disgustingly vomit-rendering) it had become. That a newlywed could find my blog 'schmoopie' was the final straw.

Thankfully, the need for an overhaul has come to this writer's attention with just a few sparing moments before extinction...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I don't understand the saying "curiosity killed the cat." I would argue an uninquiring mind insinuates an absence of drive, or ambition to learn. Augmenting our brainpower by unearthing things yet undiscovered is the foundation for the destruction of ignorance. In which case, the saying should be "lack of curiosity killed the cat."

This, my friends, is how I justify the internet-stalking addiction I have. I am curious. People interest me. Hence, I am not afraid to google names, to frequent blog links or to click generously on the myspace pages of friends 6-times removed from my own. I recall an entertaining e-mail exchange between me and my sweetheart just prior to the substantiation of our relationship. I began by showing him the picture that I discovered immediately after having google-searched his name. He responded that he wasn't sure which was more frightening: that such a picture existed in a public domain, or the way in which I had discovered it. Thankfully, he remains humoured that I am so gifted at exhuming little web-nuggets of bitterness, playfulness, intellect, train-wreckage, joy, forgiveness and introspective revelation that keep my curiosity burning. I mean, how else would he have encountered his fur-cladden, photographic likeness if it weren't for my not-so-secret habitude?

As bloggers, aren't we all internet stalkers by default? A term, I argue vehemently, should we adorned with pride.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Beau Needs A Blog Name - Part III

As a blogger always considering her work, I have entertained enough nicknames for my sweetheart to write a screenplay.

James Dean

Sweetness Express

Clark Kent

Kent, Jess
James Bond

The problem is, absolutely none of them inspire me. Each identity is fitting (except for Archie Andrews), but I have no desire to implement any of them. Similar to the scene in Mean Girls when Gretchen is pathetically and desperately attempting to promote the word 'Fetch' as part of her high school's vernacular, the only nickname that will do my sweetheart justice is the one that I exhale without hesitation - naturally. For now, that special term of blogging endearment continues to elude me...and perhaps there is a solid, predetermined reason for that (although certainly not the reason many of my blog friends have surmised).

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Beau Needs A Blog Name - Part II

Because I use the word "meow" so frequently, or because I take so many pictures like this, one might surmise that the pose is a Cookie original. Unfortunately, I can't take credit. It is my sweetheart and his Aussie pal who started the trend during a trip down under. They got me hooked on the concept during a wild weekend in Las Vegas two years ago and it stuck.

Before we were sweethearts.

Tiger claws are appropriate even at the most formal of settings.

tiger claws_cropped
Tiger claws among friends.

Hence, when Namaste made the acquaintance of my sweetheart and spent a few comradely moments in front of the camera with him, feline fingernails beared, she whispered to me "I hereby blog-knight this man 'Tiger Claw.'"

Namaste's first tiger claw.

This is choice number two...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Beau Needs A Blog Name - Part I

As a child learning French, I found reading the quebecois Archie comics to be far more entertaining than Asterix and Obelix. I became hooked. To this day one might even find a comic or two stashed in my bathroom magazine rack. Although I always likened myself more of a Betty Cooper on the inside, there is no question in my mind that Veronica Lodge was the superior-looking vixen (which inadvertently contented me, given my own brunette locks).

Archie and Veroni-cookie

It's no secret that I've been hunting for a blog name for my sweetheart since the moment we started dating; if for no other reason than it's emasculating to call a man 'sweetheart' so publicly on the regular. When I took this picture with the beau on a recent trip to Las Vegas, a lightbulb went off. Although he is not a redhead, he could be my 'Archie Andrews...'

Archie's undisputable preference.

So this is choice number one (the rest to be revealed in subsequent posts). In addition, all other thoughts and ideas are encouraged...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Name That Blogger

Before I post the super-classy pictures from last night's blog happy hour, I feel the need to insert how blessed I am to have a sweetheart who prepared for me a high-end-restaurant-equivalent, gourmet meal for no reason other than he enjoys cooking (and he's VERY good at it). He loves to cook and I love to eat. It's destiny, I tell you. I digress...

Crab cake and remoulade, roasted spinach and beet and potato salad.

As you can see, last night's happy hour really was for lovers. I believe no further explanation is required...















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