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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Playaz Came [In Effigy]

The real Playaz couldn't make the weekday trek to DC for GBTYMOHH, so they sent their likenesses (which we didn't burn) instead. The Playaz hopped on the Paper Jet and landed in the middle of Connecticut Avenue (which caused quite a commotion during rush hour), right in time to make a Playaz-style entrance on the DC blogosphere festivities.

Playaz Jet

The Playaz are really quite hysterical. We drank shots of bourbon together and discussed Chewbacca vs. Tac.

Shot with Phil

Following a kiss from Lucy, a chat with Asian Mistress and Dale and a smoke with AUA (the resident blogger-hottie as we so affectionately labeled him last night), effigious Phil even allowed me to take a drag from his 2-dimensional pipe. It is confirmed, that ain't tobacco in there...

Lucy Kisses Phil

AM, Phil and Dale

AUA and Phil have a smoke

I blame Heather B. for this headache I have this morning. She suggested the chocolate martinis. So I ordered a few...

HeatherB, i-66, Jess
Heather B., i-66 and Cookie

Drink Lineup

Jess Double Fist

And then the evening just got plain silly...

Phil got a little tipsy and turned sideways,

Willy, Phil, Jess
DC Last Call, Johnny DC, Phil and Cookie

Asian Mistress and I went from this

Jess, Asian Mistress

to this (Kathryn and I thank our new friend for the glow sticks - fun present!)

Jess, AM silly

to this (damn chocolate martinis - they seemed so innocuous),

AM, Jess Spank

Jinxy's wife let him out for the night!

Jinxy, Jess, TX, Kathryn
Mr. Jinxy, Cookie, TX Cutie and Kathryn

The hot Canadian girls got flirty for SethJ,

Lesley, Jess
Chicks from Canada Rule!

Lesley, SethJ
Canadian Girl and SethJ

Jess, Lesley, Jess
Shaky J, Canadian Girl and Cookie

the boys made a Sears pose,

Sorority Pose
Travis, AUA, RCR and i-66

and i-66 and I competed for biggest smile.

Jess, Rick

Certainly not your average Wednesday night.

i-66, DCB, Dale and a DCB Fan

Dale, BettyJoan, Sara
Dale, Betty Joan and Sara

AM, BettyJoan, Sara
Asian Mistress, Betty Joan and Sara


Jess, Sara
Cookie and Sara

If I had even an ounce of Kathryn's uncanny ability to remember people's names and blogs the next day (again, I'm going to blame the chocolate martinis here), I'd thank everyone individually, but alas, I don't have those kind of skills (gosh!). But I will say, it was great to see all the old, familiar faces, and meet a whole slew of new people as well. Readers, fellow writers and commenters - your presence was definitely welcomed and appreciated. It takes guts to walk into a room full of people you don't know, so mad props all around.

Oh, and AUA, thanks helping me search for my belongings. I did find my purse, eventually, all contents intact...

Blog Hosts

This post has been brought to you by your gracious hosts (who all left their he-man costumes at home).


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